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From a single car garage in a leafy green suburb of southern Sydney in the early 1980’s Kamra’s engineering activities were started. One of the first challenges was to rebuild a 200kg, segmental design, cutting roller set from a Chambon rotogravure printing press. Work was carried out in the back of a car trailer due to limited infrastructure and tools, however, with a can do attitude, classical engineering training, a part time team of an engineer, draftsman and a toolmaker and rented machine shop time, the repairs and rebuild were successfully completed.

From these humble beginnings Kamra and through "word-of-mouth”, jobs started arriving to us from as far away as East Asian countries. From then on Kamra has built a reputation of taking on impossible jobs. Kamra has evolved into a small scale full service mechanical engineering company with a unique blend of capabilities ranging from small ultra-precision components to large heavy industrial assemblies. With various engineering disciplines separated into internal divisions, Kamra’s work mix is extremely varied and is as diverse as the company’s customer base both within Australia and overseas.

Over the years our personnel have become very good at solving complex engineering problems often with unconventional approaches, as a result Kamra has developed products and services in niche areas in a number of industries which have seen standard benchmarks rise to new and improved levels.

At Kamra our vision of the future sees endless opportunities for developing engineered products and services beyond present day standards. As the demands of various industries rise and fall and become new and different along the way, only an open minded flexible and innovative approach can drive the solutions of the future. As part of Kamra’s efforts to be carbon neutral, build future sustainability and have the best possible OH&S standards our new facility, currently being constructed, will have solar power, energy saving technologies and a modern machine shop layout.